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But What Are They Eating?

An Aspiring Alcoholic Talks About Radium Baby

About a month and a half ago I got an email from the lovely Shelley Workinger, author of the Solid Series. She has a blog called But What Are They Eating? where she invites authors to write guest posts, not about the themes or plot of their novels, but about what their characters are eating. Did Elizabeth Bennet get farty at dinner parties? Does the Mad Hatter prefer Earl Grey or Darjeeling? And just what the hell is a runcible spoon anyway? As Cecil says in Welcome to Nightvale, “I fell in love instantly.”

Radium Baby was such a lot of fun to talk about. I mean I wrote the thing, but it’s not often that someone asks me a genuinely weird question like, “But what are they eating?” Turns out the answer was pretty good — Prohibition-era cocktails, radium water tonics, vegetable compounds, and a radioactive waterfowl. So if you want to learn how to mix the perfect Sidecar or the correct method for stuffing a duck with radium, take a stroll over to But What Are They Eating? to check out my post.