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Books Wot I Read in 2018

This blog has been a bit of a graveyard lately. Most of it seems like a memorial to the years when I had a lot more time and energy to spend researching history’s weird, unloved, mutant orphans. I’m still hugely proud of articles like The Bonnie Cripple Club, Dodo à l’Orange, and Zombie Nero, but I just don’t go ferreting around in old newspapers the way I used to.

In 2018 I started keeping a log of all the books I’d read. The list is in its second year now, and it’s startling to look back at books I read only six months ago but have already completely forgotten, not because they’re not memorable but because they’ve got lost in amongst 33 years of reading material. My best friend Parker and I have done a movie night every week for the last three years, and god damn if I can remember what we watched last week let alone three years ago. Although I do remember the entire six-movie run of the original Leprechaun franchise is in there somewhere (spoiler alert: Leprechaun 4: In Space and Leprechaun in the Hood were the best ones; fight me).

I’d like to reinvigorate this blog (yes that’s right, I said blog, even though Parker tells me that is so 2008) by writing more about what I’ve been reading and watching. I am a writer, after all, I ought to have something fucking insightful to say. So I’ll kick us off with the 2018 reading list, to be followed very shortly by my 2019 list.

Books Wot I Read in 2018